Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thrift Store Buffet Turned Entertainment Center

I am sure that I was breaking all kinds of TV watching rules when I decided to house our monstrosity of a television on top of a sofa table that I got on clearance about 5 years ago at the Pottery Barn Outlet.  It is not that I don't love this table.  It has been used in so many rooms in so many ways since its purchase.  Let's be honest, what is not to love about a piece of furniture that can go from baby changing  station to entertainment center?  However, when our TV had to be replaced this winter and the new (way bigger than the last) TV came home, it was looking very top heavy while resting on Mr. Pottery Barn Clearance.  You see, the TV sticks out past the table about 4ish inches on each side of the sofa table!  That's where the TV watching rules are broken for sure.

While on a trip to Liberty Thrift Store, I came across a buffet table that I adored.  I was thinking it would be the perfect piece for the basement redo I am planning to tackle this fall.  Once I got this beautiful buffet home, I realized that the sides opened up.  And guess what?  That made this buffet the perfect length for holding our television.  Not only does it open up for extra length, but it also has two cabinets with doors to hide all of the puppy toys we are going to be needing in about a month.  I also love that there is a space in the center whose dimensions will perfectly hold a DVR player and other audio-visual equipment.  So psyched!

I am having a little trouble loving any color other than Annie Sloan Duck Egg.  It is this peaceful light blue color that when topped off with Annie Sloan soft wax in clear, it is the perfect shade of Caribbean blue water...or a duck egg!  Either way, I had some time on my hands this weekend, so I got to work transforming the buffet into an entertainment center.

Here we go...


Annie Sloan sanding, no priming, just painting!

Waxing back of buffet using a mixture of Annie Sloan clear and dark wax.

After a certain amazing husband cut a little circle for the cords...we were ready to go with the entertainment center!

The color is perfect.  I used a whole lotta less dark wax this time in order to keep the piece simple.  I really wanted the curves and the lines of the buffet to be noticed...not dramatic contrasts of the wax and paint in the crevices.  I am not breaking TV watching rules any longer.  And now, we have a perfect place to keep little girl puppy toys and dog gear.

And don't worry about Mr. Pottery Barn Clearance.  He is going to be the center of attention in a room down the hall.  Check back this week to see where he ended up.  What have you painted lately?  Are you doing any furniture rearranging this summer?  Send me a picture...I would love to feature you.

What furniture have you transformed lately?  I have seen some great pieces of furniture lately used in ways other than what they were meant for.  Take a look at some creative ways people are upcycling furniture pieces.




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  1. Hi, beautiful work! I'm getting ready to do the same thing to my sideboard (except it was a Tv stand first now going to baby changing table!). I was wondering what you used to paint it? (A brush, rag, small roller?). I love building furniture, I'm a frequenter of, but I'm not so good with finishing :)

    Thank you'